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Oct 20, How To Resurface A Concrete Pool Deck | Repair Pool Patio Surface DIY

This page will explain to you how to resurface and repair a worn, chipped, spalling, and cracked concrete pool deck. Complete video tutorial step by step

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The best way to resurface and repair your concrete pool deck is to use a concrete resurfacing product like Sakrete Flo-Coat, NewCrete by Rapid Set, or Ardex CD.

The basic steps for resurfacing a pool patio are:

  • Grind or Pressure Wash the surface to clean it 
  • Repair any cracks, chipped areas, and spalling
  • Smooth patched areas by using a rubbing stone or grinding
  • Rinse or vacuum the concrete to remove dust
  • Mask off any abutting areas you want to keep clean
  • Mix and apply resurfacing material
  • Drag broom across the surface to give it texture
  • Apply concrete sealer to protect it


How to resurface a concrete pool deckThat’s me, repairing and resurfacing a pool patio

The tools you’ll need are:

Concrete Resurfacing products to use:

  1. Sakrete Flo-Coat
  2. NewCrete by Rapid Set
  3. Ardex CD – Usually can order from local concrete supply store.


 So, you’ve made the decision to resurface your concrete. The first thing you need to do is clean the surface.

You have to remove all the loose, damaged concrete if there is any.

And you have to remove any dirt, debris, mold, and mildew.

The two ways I do that are by either lightly grinding the concrete or by pressure washing the concrete.

If you grind the concrete use a face mask and hook up a vacuum to the grinder to reduce any dust.

Pressure washing will work just fine for cleaning as long as you don’t have any loose and spalling concrete.

Completely clean the concrete afterwards by vacuuming any leftover dust or rinsing off any loose dirt left over by the pressure washer.

If you washed the concrete, let it dry out for 24 hours before proceeding.


If you have any cracks, chipped areas, broken concrete, or spalled concrete, now is the time to fix your concrete.

If the cracks are hairline, there’s nothing you can do about those, just leave them and resurface over them.

If the cracks are 1/16″ wide or more, you have to fill them with a repair material like Dap flexible concrete crack sealant.

Concrete crack filler

If the crack is wider than 1/4″, I recommend filling some of the crack with dry sand or foam backer rod. 

Leave about 1/4 to 3/8 inch of the crack to fill, that’ll work good for repairing the cracks.

As soon as the sealant levels out, sprinkle some dry sand on it to give it some texture.

The resurfacing material needs the texture to bond to.

Just keep in mind, whenever repairing cracks in a pool patio, they may still be moving cracks. If the cracks move at all, the resurfacing material may show a hairline crack where the existing crack was.

If you have any chipped or spalling areas, you can use the resurfacing material to fix these with.

Just mix up a small batch and fill these areas after you’ve removed any loose concrete.

Let the patched area completely dry then smooth the area with your grinder or a rubbing stone.


After you’ve repaired any cracks, chipped, or spalled concrete, you have to clean the concrete again to make sure the resurfacing material bonds to it.

PRO TIP: I use a powerful leaf blower to clean the concrete and keep the concrete dry so I can resurface it the same day.

Again, if you use water to rinse off the concrete, let it dry out again for 24 hours.

If you didn’t have any areas to fix, you can skip this step because you’ve already cleaned your concrete


Mask off any areas you don’t want to get dirty. Use painters tape to keep the pool coping clean, ladder clean, hand railing, and skimmer all clean.

The resurfacing material will adhere to these things and be very hard to clean off after it drys.

If you have the plastic divider strips in your concrete deck, you’ll want to mask off the tops of these also. 

PRO TIP: Pull the tape when you are resurfacing, right after you go by or over each object. If you wait till the next day, the tape will pull off hard where any resurfacer gets on it.


You’re now ready to mix and apply the concrete resurfacer to your pool patio.

I’ve used all three of these concrete resurfacing materials with good luck.

  1. Sakrete Flo-Coat
  2. NewCrete by Rapid Set
  3. Ardex CD – Get this at your local concrete supply store.

They all mix and are applied with either a steel trowel or a squeegee.

Follow the mixing instructions on the bag. Usually you mix 3.5 quarts of water with 1 bag. Mix for 2 minutes until it’s lump free and kinda like pancake batter.

How to resurface a concrete pool deckMix the material to a pancake batter viscosity.


As soon as you trowel or squeegee the resurfacer to an area about a couple broom widths wide, drag your broom across the surface to give your pool patio a new texture.

Don’t wait to broom it, the material drys fairly quickly. Do a small section and broom it, then do another small section and broom it. It helps to have help like I do in the picture, then you can just keep moving, slowly from one end to the other.

How to resurface a concrete pool patioHave a helper if you can, it’s much easier

Watch me do it

STEP 7: Protect it with sealer

Apply a concrete sealer like RadonSeal deep penetrating concrete sealer. You can watch me in the video below to learn how to apply it.

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Feb 16, Concrete Yardage Calculators – How Much Do I Need For Any Type of Job

Find the perfect concrete calculator to figure cubic yardage (and cubic meters) for any type of concrete project. Floors, slabs, walls and much more.

Republished by Plato



Calculate concrete cubic yardage for slabs, walls, footings, columns, stairs, blocks, curbs, and gutters using the many different concrete calculators on this page.

Estimate the volume and weight of concrete you’ll need for any given area.

Figure out how many cubic yards of concrete you need in both US units of measure (feet and inches) and International system of units or metric units (meters and centimeters) of measurement.

Concrete calculator


The best way (and fastest way) to calculate concrete yardage is using a concrete calculator.

These concrete calculators are very accurate and will help you determine the volume of concrete you need for the type of project you’re doing.

Always add a little extra to the quantity estimated just to be on the safe side. 

Rarely is any concrete project perfect and you don’t want to be left short on the amount you need.

You’ll be able to calculate concrete cubic yardage, weight, and how many bags you need for:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Footings
  • Circular slabs or Tubes
  • Columns or Sono-tubes
  • Concrete Curbs and Gutters
  • Concrete stairs

Concrete calculator formula for a slab or floor

If you want to use a formula to calculate concrete volume, I have a whole page like the picture above that shows you a written formula for:

  1. Square or Rectangular Slabs
  2. Round Slabs
  3. Concrete Walls
  4. Concrete Footers
  5. Square Columns
  6. Round Columns
  7. Concrete Stairs and Steps
  8. Concrete Curbs and Gutters

Concrete calculators for specific applications

Use the concrete calculators below to help you determine concrete yardage for your specific project.

Use the calculators above for estimating purposes only.

Always double check your calculations when you figure concrete for a project. Not having enough concrete to finish can be both frustrating and problematic.

Concrete is made from aggregate (stone), sand, cement, and water.

You can make your own concrete using the raw materials and my concrete mixing ratio formula or you can buy pre-mixed concrete in bags that you just add water to.

For large projects, ordering concrete from a ready mix concrete company is usually easier and faster. 

Learn how to do your own concrete slab by taking my concrete slab course.

The concrete calculator APP for the Iphone and Android smartphone is terrific! I use it daily. The free desktop download is courtesy of Meet-Mr-Concrete.

Learn how I check the sub-grade to find the average thickness of a concrete floor on either the floors or slabs calculator page.

When I order concrete from a ready mix company, I always add 1/2 to 1 yard more than what it says on the calculator.

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