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Mar 19, DIY Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair – What I use – How I Repair Concrete

As a professional I use epoxy concrete crack repair products all the time. Here’s my tips and tutorial on how to quickly repair cracks and spalls in concrete.

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epoxy concrete repairThat’s me repairing a crack in a garage floor

What’s my favorite crack repair epoxy?

It’s called CrackWeld

Crackweld is a concrete crack injection repair product that you can use to repair cracks in concrete floors, slabs, and driveways.

It can also be used to repair concrete spalling, holes in concrete, and pitted concrete floors.

It’s actually a 2-part polymer resin (see below) that’s much easier to use than the 2-part epoxy repair products.

The reason it’s my favorite is because of how much more user friendly it is compared to all the other repair products I have used. (I list more reasons I like it better below)

CrackWeld has a much lower viscosity than most epoxy crack fillers. The very low viscosity allows you to repair cracks from hairline width up to 1/2″ wide.

Who Am I? I’m a concrete crack repair contractor

Hi, and thanks for visiting my page about epoxy concrete crack repair.

My name is Mike Day, I own Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc. My company specializes in repairing cracks in concrete floors and walls.

After using many different kinds of repair epoxies, I’ve finally found the secret weapon when it comes to fixing cracks in concrete.

Through a lot of trial and error, this concrete repair product has outperformed and was easier to use than all the other ones I have tried in the past.

Why I like it so much better than others repair epoxies

This is the same kit I use to repair cracks in concrete floors and slabs. Sometimes mistaken for epoxy it’s actually a 2-component rigid polyurethane polymer.

The advantages of using this type of material to repair cracks are :

  •  NO NEED TO “ROUTE OUT” THE CRACK – Eliminates the process of grinding out or chiseling the crack
  • REPAIRS HAIRLINE CRACKS EASY – Repair mixture is very liquid, seeps right into small cracks
  • DRIES QUICKLY – Gets hard in 15 minutes so you can epoxy over it, drive over it, or just plain use the floor again.
  • HIGHER STRENGTH THAN CONCRETE – It actually “welds” the concrete back together like it was never cracked in the first place. 
  • CAN USE IT IN COLD WEATHER – The repair formula will harden even in below zero temperatures. (another reason I love this stuff over other products)


RadonSeal has a PRO kit for contractors and a DIY kit for homeowners

I personally use the PRO kit because we repair a lot of cracked concrete floors and the duel cartridges repair more lineal feet of cracks without having to stop as often.

If you only have a small (less than 50 lineal feet) amount of cracks to fix, then I would suggest you use their diy crack repair injection kit.

If you have more than 50 lineal feet of crack repair, you may want to compare the costs between the PRO kit and the DIY kit.

How many lineal feet will each kit repair?

CrackWeld DIY concrete floor repair kit:

  •  2-pack kit: Up to 50′ of 1/16″ crack or 25′ of 1/8″ crack
  •  4-pack kit: Up to 100′ of 1/16″ crack or 50′ of 1/8″ crack

NOTE: You use your own single cartridge caulking gun with the diy kit.

CrackWeld PRO concrete floor repair kit:

  •  2-duel cartridges kit: Up to 100′ of 1/16″ crack or 50′ of 1/8″ crack

NOTE: The PRO kit comes with a duel cartridge caulking gun.

If you already have a duel cartridge caulking gun like the one in the picture above, then you can buy the PRO consumables repair kit and save some money.

YES, I want the diy concrete crack repair kit!

No, I actually need a foundation crack repair injection product.

epoxy concrete crack repairSame picture as above after repairing the crack with CrackWeld

Can I use CrackWeld to repair cracks in a concrete driveway?

The simple answer is YES, as long as the crack is dormant” (not moving) it will work excellent for this.

If the crack is active (still moving) either with expansion/contraction or you live in a freeze/thaw climate, then you would be better off using RadonSeal’s flexible Elastipoxy concrete repair kit.

Can I use CrackWeld for other types of concrete repairs?

YES, this is another one of my “secrets” about this product, let’s keep this just between us, ok.

It works great for repairing:

  • Spalling or pitted concrete that mostly occurs from salt dripping off cars and trucks in places that get snow and ice.
  • Small to medium size holes in concrete (I mix it with dry sand and make a paste to do this).
  • Fixing chipped or spalling concrete stairs (make a past out of it if you need to).
  • Repair damaged saw cuts (expansion/contraction joints) 

That’s what I like about this product so much, it’s very versatile. If you mix it with some silica sand and make a paste, you can use it to fix a lot concrete problems.

Is this really a “do it yourself” concrete crack repair product?

It is, I promise you. This is the most user friendly concrete floor and slab crack repair kit I have ever used. 

I’ve been repairing cracks in both concrete floors and foundation walls for many years, too many to actually tell you, it will embarrass me.

Seriously though, this is the stuff you want to get to fix a crack. Don’t waste you time or money on other epoxy repair products. 

I use CrackWeld in my business to repair cracks in floors for all my customers. I wouldn’t use it or recommend it if I truly didn’t feel it was the best crack repair product out there.

All you need to do is follow my tutorial below and watch my video of us repairing a crack in a garage floor. 

After you do both of those things, I am confident you’ll be more than capable of fixing your own cracks, whether it’s a basement floor crack, a garage floor crack or any kind of floor crack. 

How do you repair a floor crack using CrackWeld

Here’s the simple FORMULA for fixing a crack.

I also have a tutorial video below so you can watch me fix a garage floor crack.

  1. Clean out the crack with a vacuum, remove any loose cement or aggregates. 
  2. Inject the concrete crack repair resin into the crack to wet it, it will soon get tacky. 
  3. Push the dry silica sand into the crack to fill it. 
  4. Thoroughly saturate the sand with the concrete floor crack repair resin and fill it to the surface. 
  5. In 10 – 15 minutes scrape the surface level with a putty knife. 
  6. Sand the surface smooth or lightly grind it with a hand grinder for a neat appearance.

TIP: If the cracks are very small, narrow or jagged, you may have to rout them out with a diamond blade and 4″ hand grinder.  Making the crack a little wider with smoother edges will make for a better and stronger repair.

If you’ve never used a 4″ grinder with a diamond blade, find someone who has and let them do it for you. You could also try a file or screwdriver to help widen the crack.

epoxy concrete repair

Use the moist material you just scraped off with the putty knife to patch any holes, chips or scaled areas in the concrete floor.

Hairline cracks can be done without the sand. Wide cracks can first be filled partially with the sand then start with step 2.

This crack repair material sets up very quickly, only do 10 – 15 feet at one time.

RadonSeal makes a Do It Yourself epoxy concrete crack repair Kit that has all the repair materials included. They also have a great video that visually explain how to use this epoxy crack patching material.

Watch and I’ll teach you how to use the CrackWeld concrete floor repair kit:

I want the diy concrete crack repair kit.

I want the PRO concrete crack repair kit like in the picture above.

What might be the reason my floor cracked?

It’s hard to say without actually looking at you concrete floor. If I look at it I can usually tell pretty quickly.

Here are the most common reasons why concrete floors crack:

  1. The sub-base wasn’t properly compacted and the concrete settled in one area causing the floor to sink and crack. 
  2. The concrete floor isn’t heated in the winter and the dirt under the concrete freezes causing it to expand and lift or heave, the concrete. This upward pressure will make the concrete crack. 
  3. Newly poured concrete shrinks when it dries. If no expansion joints are cut into the concrete floor then shrinkage cracks will appear at some point in the future. These are quite common.

Here are some other reasons why concrete cracks: 

  • Pouring the concrete too wet 
  • Or too much calcium chloride was added to the mix and it dried too fast 
  • Or the concrete wasn’t properly cured and sealed

All these reasons could eventually lead to shrinkage cracking at some point.

If you determine the concrete floor cracks are due to settling or heaving, then that’s a sub-base issue and the concrete may have to be removed to correct the problem.

Repairing these cracks will only be temporary if the concrete continues to move up or down.

If you’re sure the concrete floor is done moving, you can repair those cracks and any shrinkage cracks with CrackWeld, just add a silica sand for a filler. (like we do in the video)

This repair mortar will weld the crack back together creating an excellent concrete floor repair.

In Conclusion:

I don’t know what else I can say. CrackWeld is a great product, the people over at RadonSeal, Joe, Craig, and the rest of the gang are top notch.

For me to be successful in my business, I need to work with people I can count on, and use products that won’t let me down. 

That’s really the “secret”, but ssshhhhh don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

If you’ve read this far, I have a special offer just for you

In case you couldn’t tell, I install a lot of concrete floors and slabs for a living. 

It’s what we do the most of here at Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc.

I have a CONCRETE SLAB COURSE that I made to teach people how to install their own concrete slab.

The course is designed to help people save a ton of money by being able to build the forms and pour the concrete slab yourself. 

Kinda like a diy concrete slab course.

The special offer is: The cost of the course is usually $49.00 but because you read all the way down to the bottom of this page, you can purchase it for just $9.00.

All you have to do is use the coupon code work: BUGGY when you check out. That’s it! 

It’s an awesome course with a ton of value packed into it.

You can get it HERE or go back up to the top of the page and click on the picture in the top right hand column. 



For more interesting information about concrete stuff:

This crack repair kit is my “secret weapon” I use to fix cracks in basement walls and stop them from leaking.

Click on CONCRETE JOINT SEALANT to learn how to install sealant in expansion and contraction joints to keep them from failing.

Click on REMOVING CARPET GLUE FROM CONCRETE to learn how to do that.









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Nov 21, Fast Setting Concrete Mix (Recipe-Ingredients-Mix Design)

I use this fast setting concrete mix for pouring all types of concrete. When you need your concrete to set up fast, this mix design will get the job done.

Republished by Plato



A fast setting concrete mix has the following ingredients included to speed up the set time:

  1. Extra Portland Cement
  2. Water-reducing admixture
  3. Warm water (for mixing)
  4. An accelerator admixture (calcium chloride)

If you need a concrete mix that will set up fast, plan to use at least a 4000 psi mix. This type of mix has more cement than most of the regular concrete mix designs.

More cement in the mix means more heat of hydration as the concrete sets up, speeding up the curing process.

Using warm water will also help speed up the set times, especially if you’re pouring concrete in cold temperatures.

A water reducing admixture will help lower the water – cement ratio in the mix and still give you a workable mix to place your concrete. This helps with set times and improves the strength versus just using water.

Adding an accelerating admixture to the concrete will decrease set times by 10 – 30% in a lot of cases. 

cold weather fast setting mix for floors and patios

In the video above I’m using a 4000 psi concrete mix to pour this concrete floor. The concrete had 115 degree F water, 20oz of water reducer per yard of concrete, and we used two 50lb bags of calcium chloride in each truck load.

The outside temps were 32 degrees when we started pouring the floor. You can see the steam coming off the concrete as we get it spread out.

We started pouring at approximately 7 AM and we finished power troweling at 2 PM. The outside temperature never got above 41 degrees.

The most important ingredients for fast setting concrete are warm/hot water in the mix and using an accelerator like calcium chloride.

These two ingredients will speed up the set times of any concrete mix, whether it’s ready-mix or a bag mix like Quikrete or Sakrete.

does hot water make concrete set faster?

Using hot water to mix concrete will help speed up the set time by speeding up heat of hydration.

Heat of hydration is a chemical reaction that takes place when cement and water get mixed together. 

If the water is COLD, there is less heat that develops and the concrete sets up slower.

If the mix water is HOT, there is more heat that develops, which makes the concrete set up much faster.

Outside, ambient air temperatures as well as mix water temperatures HOT or COLD play a very important role in how FAST of SLOW concrete sets up. Hot = Fast and Cold = Slow (in most cases)

how do you make concrete set faster? (2 easiest methods)

The best and easiest way to make concrete set up faster is to use hot water to mix it with. If you use warm or really hot water, you’ll see an increase in the set time.

The 2nd best way is to use an accelerator like flake calcium chloride. You can use this instead of hot water if hot water isn’t available.

Most local hardware stores carry calcium chloride flakes/pellets in either 25lb or 50lb bags.

If you’re using an 80lb bag mix, only start using about 2 Cups of calcium chloride flakes to see just how fast it starts setting up and adjust up or down from there.

What is the fastest drying cement and concrete mix?

The fastest drying cement mix and concrete mix is the brand called RAPID SET from CTS CEMENT.

They have a rapid setting cement mix called CEMENT ALL. This cement mix sets up in only a few minutes and cures hard enough to walk on in 20 – 30 minutes. It comes in a blue bag or blue box at HD.

CTS also has a rapid setting concrete mix called, you guessed it, RAPID SET CONCRETE MIX. This also sets up in only minutes and has 3/8″ stone aggregate in it. It comes in a green bag and you can get it at HD.

I personally use both the Rapid Set Concrete Mix and Cement All for doing a lot of repairs and small concrete projects. Just beware, they both set up very fast. 

They actually have a “set slowing admixture pack” to slow the set and give you more working time if you think you’ll need it.

what is quikrete’s fastest setting concrete mix?

Quikrete has a RED bag called “Fast Setting Concrete MIx”. They claim is hardens in 20 – 40 minutes and can be walked on in 2 hours.

You can use this 50lb quick drying bag mix for steps, sidewalks, slabs, and for setting fence posts or a mailbox post.

This concrete mix can be used to set posts without mixing. Just dump the dry ingredients around the post and sprinkle with water for it to harden.

This mix will reach 4000 psi in 28 days.

Quikrete also has a “High Early Strength” concrete mix called Quikrete 5000. It’s not a rapid setting mix but does set up faster than their regular bag mixes. (I’ve used it for countertops)

This can be used for most anything; footings, slabs, walkways and floors. Just add some accelerator if you need it to cure faster. It’ll reach 5000 psi in 28 days. 

You can purchase either of these concrete mixes at Home Depot.

What is sakrete’s fastest setting concrete mix?

You guessed it, Sakrete has a 50lb bag called “Fast Setting Concrete MIx”. (I see a trend here)

It’ll harden in 30 minutes and you can walk on it in 6 hours & drive on it in 48 hours.

This can be used for setting posts, slabs, walkways, patios, curbs, and ramps.

It’ll reach 4000 psi in 28 days. You can get this at Lowe’s and most local hardware stores.

fast setting concrete additives – what to use

A fast setting additive for concrete mixes will greatly increase the set time and curing times of your concrete. 

Quikrete has a 1.5 lb Concrete mix accelerator that comes in a green and black box. You can add 1 or 2 of these to a 60 or 80 lb bag mix to speed up the set time. Purchase this right at Home Depot.

Sakrete has a 1 gallon bottle of “Cement Mix Accelerator” you can add to their concrete mix to speed up set time. 

How much you add and how fast they increase set times will also depend on how cold it is outside and how cold or warm the water is you use to mix with.

Another additive that’ll increase set times is flake calcium chloride. Just mix about a cup or two in the mixing water before adding your bag mix concrete. Then mix the concrete and use at as you normally would. Just move a little faster:)

We use a 50 lb bag of calcium per 5 yards of concrete when we pour concrete floors. This increases set times a lot in colder weather. Add hot water to the mix and you have a rapid setting concrete mix.

how much water do you need per bag?

Depending on which fast setting bag mix you choose, you’ll have to add the correct amount of water to achieve the best results.

Each brand is very similar when it comes to adding mix water, here is the breakdown:

  • Sakrete Fast setting concrete mix is 2.5 – 3 quarts of water per bag
  • Quikrete Fast setting concrete mix is 2.5 quarts of water per bag
  • Rapid Set Concrete Mix (green bag) is 3.5 to 4 quarts of water per bag

All these bag mixes have the mixing instructions right on the back of the bag. 

is fast setting concrete weaker than regular concrete?

The answer to that question is no, all these bag mixes are designed to reach 4000 psi at 28 days.

If you add more mixing water than the bags suggest then you could weaken the concrete. But just because it sets up faster doesn’t mean it’ll be a weaker mix.

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Recently, Kryton had the pleasure of welcoming Ashish Singh as the new head of sales at Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in the construction chemicals industry with him, Mr. Singh comes with a good understanding of waterproofing products and technologies. He also has the knowledge necessary to work directly with large contractors as well as with distributors and applicators. With those qualities at his disposal, he is a welcome addition to the Kryton family.

Mr. Singh has worked for a variety of different companies throughout India. As a result, he has learned to manage business in the northern, eastern, western, southern, and central parts of India. He also has experience managing similar work for Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Throughout all that time, Mr. Singh has proven himself to be an energetic leader with a consistent record of delivering results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability. Kryton is excited to see him join the team, and we look forward to working together to meet the needs of our customers.


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How Concrete Can Help You Reduce In-Home Winter Allergies

Unfortunately for some, allergies aren’t just a springtime occurrence.  If you struggle year-round with pesky allergies, you may want to consider switching up your floors this winter.  Here’s why. Winter allergies and causes  Contrary to popular belief, winter allergies are definitely real even though pollen isn’t much of a concern in the colder months. Indoor
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The post How Concrete Can Help You Reduce In-Home Winter Allergies appeared first on Port Aggregates.

Republished by Plato



Unfortunately for some, allergies aren’t just a springtime occurrence. 

If you struggle year-round with pesky allergies, you may want to consider switching up your floors this winter. 

Here’s why.

Winter allergies and causes 

Contrary to popular belief, winter allergies are definitely real even though pollen isn’t much of a concern in the colder months. Indoor allergens are the biggest culprit during this time of year, and can be caused by:

Pet dander

With temperatures dropping and pets spending more time indoors, it’s only natural that more pet dander is lingering around on your furniture and carpet these days. You may not feel allergic to your pets, but this dander can turn into dust over time and really irritate your allergies.


When picking out that Christmas tree this year, make sure you take a closer look. Sometimes, these beautiful trees can bring mold into your home. Along with this, tracking in outdoor dampness onto your carpet creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.  

Dust mites

Dust mites are probably one of the biggest offenders when it comes to allergies. They just keep coming back and are a part of every element of your home. 

If you have a fireplace, heavy curtains or drapes can absorb the smoke odors and collect dust. Furnaces also push out mold spores and dust as they excrete warm air, and when you seal your house up to trap the heat, you trap these allergens in. Taking out those old Christmas decorations can also add dust to the air you’re breathing.

Because your floors are the largest surface inside your home, they tend to hold the most allergens–especially carpet. 

Decorative concrete floors, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic. They don’t trap in allergens and allow for easy cleanup, all the while adding a beautiful, elegant look to your home. 

In rooms where moisture is a problem (i.e., your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room), decorative concrete can inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Because it is non-porous and sealed, it’s also stain-resistant and easy to wipe up spills.

Mimic the look of real hardwood or stone floors and breathe easier by making the switch to concrete flooring today. At Port Aggregates, our concrete professionals pour over 40 years’ worth of experience into every project. Contact us to request a quote!


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